Biotecnología aplicada al diagnóstico veterinario
Servicio técnico
INGENASA participated at the European Workshop of veterinary vaccines followed by the 3rd annual meeting of the H2020 project SAPHIR in Edinburgh
The European Workshop of veterinary vaccines that was held on the 21-22nd May at the Roslin Institute in Edinburgh gathered global experts in the field that put together up-to-date knowledge on the challenges facing the development of effective veterinary vaccines. INGENASA participated with a talk in the case study session for young scientists. This workshop was organised in coordination with the H2020 SAPHIR project that had the 3rd annual meeting afterwards. The SAPHIR project aims to develop innovative, safe, affordable and effective vaccine strategies against important pathogens for livestock. INGENASA presented the development of a DIVA assay for a new developed vaccine against BRSV.